What is our plan to protect you?

To make sure that we can open safely, to protect you and us, to prevent the spread of Covid -19, we are taking the following measures:


  1. One team at our premises at a time with one hour gap between each team.

  2. Teams can only include up to six people and none should have any COVID 19 symptoms. 

  3. All attendees must wear a face covering. If you do not supply your own, one will be provided for a £1 donation to a local charity. 

  4. All attendees must wash/sanitise their hands on arrival (facilities will be provided). Gloves are provided.

  5. There is one toilet that will be cleaned between groups, but to minimise any risk, please try to go before attending.

  6. Please turn up on time. You will be limited to one hour for the game.

  7. Only prior online bookings and payment are accepted with a guarantee that should your visit be cancelled due to Covid-19 related issues, you will get a full refund.



  1. We have been assessed as 'Good to Go' by Visit Britain

  2. A full Risk Assessment has been completed and can be found HERE 

  3. Every day a deep clean of the premises will be undertaken. The 10am an 8pm sessions will be utilised for this.

  4. Between each team session all touch points will be cleaned. All removable items such as locks and props have been duplicated and will be newly sanitised for every team.

  5. Staff will wear PPE and will remain at a social distance.

  6. The rooms will be fully ventilated between teams.

  7. All waste masks, gloves, towels will be disposed of safely.

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