Is there parking on site?

There is no car park on site, however our central location means that there is plenty of city parking available. The Central Car Park at Mill Stream Approach, SP1 3SL is a very short walk (it’s a very large car park, so park near The Playhouse/City Hall). Culver Street car park SP1 2BQ is free after 3pm, and all day on Sundays and Bank Holidays - we are about a 10 minute walk from there. It is accessed off the ring road. We are also a short walk from Salisbury train station, and the Market square, where the majority of city buses terminate.

Are there toilets on site?

Yes, we have toilets at the rooms. However, we recommend going before you arrive on site, to avoid delaying the start of your game.

How accessible are the rooms?

There is a flight of stairs to the first floor, however the challenge is set across a single floor with no steps. There are also chairs in several rooms should individuals need to sit down during their session.

When should we arrive?

Please arrive at your designated start time. This is to allow sufficient clear time between group sessions, so we can clean down and re-set the room for your arrival.

How long will the game last?

The game should last one hour, although experienced escape roomers may complete the game sooner. If a group runs over the hour we will generally not stop the scenario but may offer hints to help them along.

Are we actually locked in?

Groups are not locked in, so individuals can leave to use the toilets, get fresh air etc if they need to.

Will we share the rooms with other people?

No, every booking is exclusively for your group. You will not meet anyone else other than the Games Master throughout your visit.

What is the minimum age limit?

The scenario and puzzles at the Salisbury Escape rooms have been designed with adults in mind. This means that some of the challenges may not be identified or may be too advanced for some children to solve. However with help these can be achieved. Below is what we have observed, and what we now recommend for differing age ranges: Mixed age Family groups A family with mixed ages, Adults and children, should be able to complete the challenge with each participant being able to contribute. We have had children as young as 2-3 years old with parents. There is nothing dangerous or scary that would affect them. Babies have been taken in with parents in carry cots. (Although they haven't contributed a huge amount) For all groups, radios are provided to allow for hints if requested or for the Control room to nudge a group back on track Single age groups - Parties etc. 11 years and younger We do not recommend Children under 13/14 years undertake our scenario as a single age group. 12 year olds In our experience we have found that 12 year olds can do many of the puzzles in the rooms, however we recommend that 2x Adults accompany them to point them in the right direction or to take over where needed. As 12 year olds are that much smaller we would be able to accommodate 2x Adults 5x 12year olds. 13 - 14 years We have found that children in these ages can accomplish the scenario, however 1x Adult should be in with them to direct or assist where necessary. Radios will assist with Hints/clues if necessary 15-17 years These ages should be able to accomplish the scenario, without adult help, but with gentle direction over the radio Parents are welcome to sit with us in the CCTV room and watch the Teams progress through the rooms. Tea / Coffee is provided. (not currently available due to Covid) If you have any questions or would like further information please get in touch.

Do I need to be fit?

There is nothing within our game that requires physical strength or endurance. This is more about puzzle solving, observation and dexterity, than physical fitness. Each member of a group will inevitably have their own strengths, which is what makes this such a great group bonding experience.

What is the maxium group size?

Individual teams can contain between 2-6 individuals. At a push 7 could be accommodated, but this may limit enjoyment to a certain extent. If you would like more than 6 (or 7) to attend we would recommend that the group be divided into teams of below 6. We have several alternatives that we can now offer. Group 1 would start the challenge. Group 2 or subsequent teams, can then either: Attend the rooms approx 90 mins later (or can be telephoned to attend). There are plenty of cafes, shops and pubs very close by for the waiting team(s) Or: we can provide a walking quiz sheet, of Salisbury centre, which you might wish other team members to utilise whilst waiting to enter the scenario. This takes approx. 1 1/4hrs and leads team members across the city centre revealing areas and events of interest We offer these free to participating teams As soon as Group 1 finish, our staff will need approx 15 minutes to reset all the puzzles/challenges. Both groups can sit together but will be briefed not to reveal any secrets. Group 2 can then be briefed and start their challenge. Group 1 can sit in and watch their colleagues on the large screen CCTV which is always fun. (not currently available due to Covid) If you have further groups this 'change over/observation' can be repeated. We can provide tea/coffee to the watching/waiting groups however we are not licenced. (not currently available due to Covid) If you would like to bring your own alcoholic drinks and food then please feel free We welcome visitors who would like to view the rooms beforehand if you feel this would help you decide on booking with us.....please contact us if you’d like to arrange this.

Can I play if I am pregnant?

Yes, all rooms have a chair of some sort, and you are welcome to come and go from the game as you please. Unlike John Lewis, Virgin Atlantic etc, there are no special prizes for going into labour in the escape room.

Are dogs allowed?

Yes, provide they are house-trained, well behaved, and don’t have a habit of eating critical components required to make your escape. Any damage caused will need to be paid for by the owner.

What if I have claustrophobia?

The game doesn’t involve being stuck in any small spaces. There are no tunnels, dead-ends, blackouts, or anything of concern. There are windows in almost all of the rooms. The escape rooms are meant to be fun, not scary!

What if I have to cancel my booking?

You can cancel by calling us on 01722 428980 or emailing us at Please note that if your booking is cancelled within 24 hours of your proposed game time, we will not be able to offer a refund. We will be able to offer rescheduling of you game to one of our off-peak slots free of charge, or a full game voucher.