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Terms and Conditions


1. The payment for a booking is non refundable, if you are unable to attend the allocated time, we can offer to reschedule the appointment or provide a voucher of the same amount.


2. Due to the nature of the game, if you are deemed too drunk at any stage of the game, be it at the door or, during the game, we have the right to ask you to leave with no refund.


3. No excessive force is required for any of our games therefore, any serious damage could incur a charge to you. We check thoroughly between every game to ensure everything is working correctly so, we will know if something has happened during your game.


4. All items found within the room must be returned upon completion. We will generally ask you to check your pockets however, if items are found missing after your game, we will ask you to bring the missing items back if it is found that they are in your possession. Anything with excessive value will be charged to you if not returned.


5. Our time slots are time sensitive, if you turn up late to an appointment, we reserve the right to reduce the time of your game to make sure the next session isn’t affected. You are allowed to turn up 15 minutes before your appointment. Please keep in mind that turning up 30 minutes or more before your time could result in clashing with previous bookings, we cannot guarantee we will be ready for you. If there is no sign of you for 15 to 30 minutes on the day of your appointment with no form of notice, we reserve the right to cancel your appointment without refund. If you wish to reschedule the missed appointment this will incur a £20.00 fee.


6. No food will be allowed into the room due to allergens, you may take a drink in but, only if it has a sealed top. Any spillages must be reported as soon as possible so that we can be aware of the potential clean up.


7. We cater to all ages however, if you would like a team of 14 and under to participate, an adult or guardian must be present. This can be in the control area with the Games Master or in the room with the players. Please note, that the recommendation for any groups 12 and under is to have the parent or guardian in the room as extra assistance and to keep them on track with the game.


8. We have the right to ask you to leave with no refund if we deem your behavior inappropriate whether this is, verbal or physical.


9. Please respect the host upon arrival, they are there to make sure you have the best time possible therefore, rudeness will not be tolerated and could potentially lead to your removal.


10. Once the game commences, you are responsible for yourself. All our Games Masters are first aid trained however, we are not responsible for injuries obtained within the room. We have made all our games as safe as possible and you are provided with safety talks before beginning the game.


11. We have multiple sites and we have made this as clear as we can on our website and our booking emails. When booking larger groups over the two rooms, please ensure you have looked at which address you’ll be attending. We cannot offer a refund if you realise this later on. This also ties into point “5” so, it is very important to check the address.


12. We have toilets on both sites, please do your best to respect the facilities and try to leave them as you found them. Please also use the correct facilities provided for bio waste such as, sanitary towels, tampons etc.


13. Please re-arrange your appointment if you have severe illness such as, covid or flu. We do not wish for our Games Masters to be infected. If you do not wish to reschedule, please wear a mask where appropriate.


14. We have the right to cancel or reschedule your appointment, should we have to carry out serious maintenance on the room. This is very unlikely to happen however, we would contact you before any changes are made.


15. Upon taking your team photo, we reserve the right to hold onto the photo for upto 2 weeks. This is simply in case your team photo doesn’t work the first time around.


16. We require the payment of a game to be made before the game starts. If you would like to pay on the day we need to be informed of this and your method of payment. For larger bookings (3 + time slots) we require payment a week to two weeks ahead of the appointment depending on the time slots required.


17. None of our games are made with the intention to scare, however we cannot guarantee this due to it being such a personal issue.


18. You are being watched during your game. This is to ensure our Games Masters can help you in the best way possible if you’re requiring any aid. This also means that if it is deemed unsafe for you to continue, for example, using physical violence against teammates, there is a chance you’ll be asked to leave with no possibility of refund.


19. Have fun! Sounds silly but, remember this is supposed to be an activity for enjoyment as well as a good exercise for teamwork. Regardless of whether you get out or not, just have fun. If everyone made it out, it wouldn’t be a challenge.

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