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Corruption at the heart of the Wessex Serious Crime Squad? 
Called in to assist with specialist search teams, you and your team will need to find the evidence to make arrests. You have one hour !
Escape Room Salisbury
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You will be met and briefed by Sgt Smith, the search co-ordinator. Looking for evidence against the Wessex Serious Crime Squad, you'll be confronted by an array of clues and puzzles which continue through phases until you uncover the missing evidence. 

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Salisbury Escape Rooms is great for:
Salisbury Escape Rooms Friends
Salisbury Escape Rooms Families
Salisbury Escape Rooms Teambuilding
Salisbury Escape Rooms

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A great way to spend time with friends - better than a movie or visit to the pub! Ideal for hens/stags
Discover your family's hidden depths - ideal for young and old! Our recommended single age group is teenage upwards.
Excellent team building - so much better than than the usual corporate activity
Go on.....Immerse yourself in real-life escape room
What can you expect from Salisbury Escape Room

The goal is to find and test the evidence and escape from the room or series of rooms in 60 minutes using only your mind, logic and teamwork, solving all the puzzles and mysteries. Your team is led into the hub of criminal aactivity, a custom built, challenging and entertaining environment to solve the many mysteries, puzzles and challenges to find the final way out. In 60 minutes, families, friends or colleagues will have to unite into an efficient team to discover the hidden clues, objects and codes to reach the goal and uncover the evidenc ebefore the criminl flees..
During the game your team members quickly assign roles & responsibilities while indirectly practising both individual & team thinking. For a successful escape you will only need the power of teamwork, brain and common sense. This game does not require any strength or physical force. In order to escape you have to use things you find, only once and only for one purpose. No outside assistance such as mobile phones is needed and would not help anyway… We will not leave you and your team alone completely. You will have the chance to ask for help. We will follow your progress via cameras, and we will give you a hint if you happen to get stuck. In case of emergency you can stop the game. The game room can be left at any time during the game. The effective game time will be around 60 minutes, though more time is allowed. The sessions are spaced 2 hours apart to allow time for briefing, any extra time needed and to reset the rooms. If you have booked multiple sessions, we can reduce this turn-around time to a minimum.